Tuesday, 16 December 2014

More media coverage.

Hi all.

Its not going to be a long blog but I wanted to keep you updated with the media outputs from the trip, The media team at WaterAid have done a great job producing Videos and photos to sell into local media and they have been really successful getting these picked up. Not just for me but for all the supporters. This is brilliant news and helps to get WaterAids message to an even bigger audience. So well done (and a massive thank you) Lisa, Tadg and Eliza at WaterAid!

Below is a link to see the peice that ITV in my region did about Sophie and I in Uganda. Many people have seen it and I got some great feedback,I've also put below a link to the full VNR, I just wanted to share my interviews, although I look awful and I'm not great at thinking on my feet, there are some honest real interviews with me while I am in Uganda, which it is useful seeing and adds another perspective. Hope you enjoy

ITV footage

WaterAid VNR

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