Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Back Home

"While the years are still on my side, my back is strong, my eyes are wide, 
I want the work I do to be a bigger point of pride."

So.... I've been back from Uganda for over a week now and I thought that its high time I wrote a blog entry. I had been thinking about letting the blog go but my press officer reminded me to today that travelling to Uganda was really only the start of the trip. 

See the thing is, travelling to Uganda was such a great experience, not just meeting the communities who are helped by Water Aids work, but seeing the hard work the WaterAid Uganda team, and their partners put in every day to make Uganda a safer and healthier country. Coming home and thinking that that is the end of the trip and the end of the blog is wrong. I have seen how WaterAid work and its fantastic, this needs to be shared with others to inspire and motivate. 

I had so many nice comments from people reading my blog, and so loads of people wanting to get involved, so I am going to use this blog to share what I WaterAid are up to, and how I am going to help raise money and awareness. Infact, if I didn't have to worry about looking after my family and paying off  a mortgage then I would probably ditch work and do something I can be proud of. 

Coming home has been a bit of a struggle, its great to see loved ones again but I have been at a bit of a loss, questioning lots. I wrote this in two blog posts that I ended up deleting because they sounded like mine was a high horse, thats not what I intended. But in honesty with people fighting over TV's on Black Friday (they probably already have 3 anyway), and hearing people moan about trains being late and missing their favorite programme, Brighton losing etc, I cant help but think we have out priorities wrong. Since I've been back I've become acutely aware of the things I have as opposed to the things I havent. In realitiy we have everything we need. A safe place to live, clean water, a toilet and access to free healthcare. Everything other than that is a bonus. 

So...what are my plans... well, the Southern Water xmas ball is on Thursday and I recorded a video while I was in Uganda to share at the ball, I really hope that this makes people dig really deep and raises loads of money for WaterAid. Other than that I have shared my trip with so many people, each person I speak to is another person who wouldn't have necessarily supported/heard of WaterAid before. 

Myself and a couple of colleagues are going to arrange a fundraising event next year so if you want to be involved then please get in touch. 

Other than that I don't have a lot to say.... If you have any feedback/questions/you want to hear more about my trip then let me know. 

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  1. I hope you raise lots of my money at the ball Adam. Your film will be a great way of reminding people what it is all about.