Tuesday, 27 January 2015

#justwater January

So, its been a long time since my last post and I thought it was high time for an update on my post Uganda activities.
Since my last post I have been on the radio with one of my fellow supporters. The interview was with the legendary Danny Pike on BBC Sussex on 22nd December. The link has been taken down from BBC's website now but I'm working on making this available to listen to. 

On 15th January we had a debriefing day in London, it was so good to catch up with most of the gang from the trip and it bought so many memories flooding back, it also made me more determined than ever to make a difference.

For the whole of January I have given up all drinks except for water, thats been particularly hard as a fiend for coffee, and I have really struggled, especially in the mornings, I only have 5 days left now but I am still going strong, and to dat I have raised £227 for WaterAid (exc giftaid).

What has amazed me most about this challenge is just how much water you drink during a day. It made me think back to being back in uganda in the heat of the sun, while I was there, despite drinking loads of water myself, I cant actually recall seeing a single villager or school shild drinking water. The children are sent to school without water, and here I am making a big deal about only drinking water for a month. But at least I have helped 15 people get access to water that wouldnt have otherwise.
I've also signed up to the London to Brighton on 21st June, and the WatrAid mountain challenge on the 5th of June. Me and a team of 7 others will be climbing Dove Crag in the Lake District

The last update I have is a short video. The team at Southern Water niftly edited WaterAids footage in to this fantastic video which I wanted to share with you.
Thanks for continuing to read, if you want to donate then you can do so via my Just Giving page.

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